Very simple. This site helps no one other then the fact some writers may get a little satisfaction getting there anger into words.

The problem is no one reads this stuff. Simply stated another internet scam. Well I wanted to stop there because my point was clearly made but received a pop up that I need a 100 word minimum. OK 40 to go.

pissed customer dot com is nothing more then a ploy for advertisers and does not help the customer. Maybe pissed customer dot com should remember that without us they would mot be in business.

I refuse to pay to have my complaint promoted. To many other sites work much better.

Review about: Pissed Consumer Website.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Sessa your comment shows your ignorance. You are one of the perfect examples of why this site does not work.

Yes there is a level where pissedcustomer.com charges to promote your comment, you must of missed it with your limited or neglected reading skills.Just the fact that that your replied to my comment shows your lower then average pissedcusstomer mentality. Pick on some one you own size like in the age group under age 12.


You are an idi@t. First of all, no one is paying to post complaints.

Companies DO pay attention, as evidenced by the company spokespeople who sometimes respond to the complaints. Most businesses don't want the internet flooded with negative reviews (unless you're Wesley Berry Flowers and you obviously don't give a ***) as evidenced by companies like Blue World Pools who apparently bribe their customers to post bogus reviews. I certainly have learned that there are companies I would never use from reading this site.

Lastly, how on earth is having a consumer complaint website a "scam"? Please enlighten us.


It seems that you don't understand the real reason for the site.

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