Have you ever wondered who owns pissedconsumer.com? I would just like to make sure that this site stays open and transparent to the public.

I always question any company that does not list any info in the about us or contact us pages of their site. I do believe that the site is a good idea but I notice some people have very legitimate issues while others seem to vent about issues that are a part of everyday life.

Just be sure to hold this site to high standards so all will benefit. Also be careful not to place personal attacks on named or identifiable individuals, that would be wrong.

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If I were them, I wouldn't want anyone to know who I was either. Many hate them with a passion.

Anyone can come here and use your name to make it look like you're posting or people use the site to harass and defame others simply for the pure joy of it. Many know that consumer sites don't remove their content because they don't legally have to. As the site owner, you're not legally responsible for others who post. they get away with quite a bit until the laws change and that will happen, but it will take time.

Not much is done these days regarding online harassment of others.

It's a huge crime and can hurt others very badly. when you google cyber crime, it say's it's illegal in almost every state and most states have tough laws against it, but try to get someone to enforce it. You can't. The stories you read about someone going to jail for defamation and harassment is rare and it's usually because the one who filed charges knew someone in law enforcement or had/has connections.

Most? Never get any help. Bottom line is consumer sites owners could care less what people do.

I've tried emailing them and the 2nd time I did I was banned for a year because I "bothered" them. So...there ya go.


This site has no standards there is a guy that is slamming my husband and myself and he has never worked with us.

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