You said you would help me get the word out about how I had been screwed by Kawasaki...We'll you need to put your thieving *** right next to theirs in the "We'll *** the little guy" catagory!

You said you would put me "up top and on the front page" for only 5.99../ Low and behold when I try to get gas for my car this morning I couldn't because you what little money I had left for somthing I neither was told about or asked for.

You want to help me like you say??? Return to me what is mine (NOW!!!)and we'll call it good...


Let me tell you a little about myself...I'm a 40 year old disabled vet. My disability is mental, Ihave mood disorder, anger disorder, and a few other disorders, plus I tend to fixate on ***!!!

I take three handfulls of pilles every day just to keep me from choking the *** out of little old ladies and orphans!!!

I also have an I.Q. of 183...

Do you know what this means???

It means...I want my money returned to me NOW or I will set your *** on fire and burn one of your *** eyeballs out with it!!!

GIVE ME MY *** MONEY!!!!!!!!

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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