I submitted my complaint about Barrie Bathfitters / even included pictures for proof and you took down the complaint. Are you in bed with some of these companies????

I resubmitted all the proof and sent you several emails which you never replied to one. Now you have the nerve to ask me why I haven't submitted a claim in such a while. It appears that the companies have connections with you and they are advertising their products through your site.

I will never use your site again and be a part of the games Pissed Consumers is playing at the expense of innocent victims / will create my own blogs to keep it truthful, open and straightforward.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Orange, California, United States #1001289

bye, don't let the door hit you on your way out.

to KevinRichards Barrie, Ontario, Canada #1001754

Spoken like a true company man / puppet

to Disgusted392015 Orange, California, United States #1001904

I thought you did not like this site. Get the f**k out.

to KevinRichards #1001755

Spoken like a real company man / puppet


Yes they are scam artists, what they do is charge 1,100, customers are blocked for two years from putting anything on and if you don't pay up and if you take a stand against them, they then go reviewsgoodbad and put a false statement on to make you pay up, well I won't be bullied over two reviews, gone to the police for fraud, in the UK we have trading standards for rogue company's, not criminals who bully you into trying to extort money from you

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