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The admin of PC are all morons. They like to play games with people's complaints.

The members of this site are all a bunch of punk kids. I posted a letter on this site to Taco Bell and only morons replied to my letter. They are either all punk kids or one punk kid. Everyone told me I was wrong.

I admit I was angry and told one of these punk teens I wished they were murdered horribly in anger. I am being called childish when everyone else is childish. I did not want to be known as the person who posted the comment about wishing the teen murdered and the staff would not delete that comment, they also confirmed that I posted that. (So much for privacy.) My ten year old daughter is smarter than all you losers who posted on my taco bell letter.

You all suck and are are pathetic losers.

Go to ***. I won't be using this site and I urge all of you not to use PC.com.

Review about: Pissed Consumer Website.

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Trevor- there have been rare occasions in the past where they did. That was a long, long time ago though.

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