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Update by user Feb 09, 2015

PC removed the offensive comments and that is a good thing, but they also removed a comment of mine that as not part of the attacks and nonsense that was being posted on the review. Taking down comments that are valid? Nice job PC!

Update by user Feb 07, 2015

I took the time to make certain the paragraphs and sentences were properly set up but somehow the formatting for this site screwed this whole thing up.

Update by user Feb 07, 2015

When a person posts a complaint / review on this site they do it to try to resolve a problem. Not all responses are appropriate and that goes with the territory.

I have been posting on mostly Cam4 reviews but do post on other reviews as well. There is a person posting on the Cam4 reviews that I comment on that has been posting threatening, abusive and harassing comments aimed at me as well as everyone else. He has never posted one thing that is helpful or constructive and when asked to stop he gets worse. Unfortunately I can only present this to you by sending a bunch of correspondence and wish this could end in him being removed and blocked for doing this.


This is the where I am being targeted right now.

review #546445

iamso1 Feb 03

I have had personal experience with the Clique, they are bad news. As for the comment by Anonymous. not one word was said by the complainant about being banned from any rooms. Unfortunately You can't hold cam4 responsible for any emotional distress you incur as stated in the T & C.

But I am not sure about what responsibility they might have if you let them know what was happening and they did nothing. You would need to have kept all corrispondence with them as well as documentation of the abuse / harassment that took place and you might have a chance at suing the persons at fault. This is one of the big problems with these chat sites, they do not want hear or know about this kind of thing and will nott have your best interest in mind. As for being a troll, I am a first class troll.

I troll for good chat and whatever free entertainment I can get!

Boris ......... for the last t to iamso1 1 day ago wQueensland, Australia please correct yourself, you had a personal experience with ole Yorkie pretending to be the Clique, the Clique disbanded in December so how you could have had a "personal experience" with any of them is beyond me (trust me I used to be front and centre of any Clique related activity and I know exactly where each member is and it ain't here) Well I am here but it is only because my good name has been continually besmirched by a known nutcase weirdo with little to no life. Iamso1 to Boris .........

for the last t 1 day ago Correct yourself and leave me alone! Boris Is Boring to Boris ......... for the last t 11 hours ago Boris, you are a worthless piece of *** that does nothing but harass people and don't know when to shut up! Since the name you use is fictitious you can't be slandered or besmirched so again, STFU and stop being a negative presence on this site!

Also no one can tell lies about your friends that have not been specifically named. You are the only one making accusations and telling lies. Borrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrisssssssss to Boris Is Boring 11 hours ago wGimpertshausen, Bayern Wait let me just scroll up here, first of all let me cover your statement of "no one can tell lies about your friends that have not be specifically named" I would point you to the first statement on this page that reads "I have had a personal experience with the Clique" well right there your argument has been lost as in relation to Cam4 there has only ever been 1 "The Clique" and they are friends of mine so yeah you're an id1ot. Using big words you don't know the meaning of just makes you look even more *** so please stop.

I will always defend my corner, that is very different from not knowing when to shut up and as for harassing people you can't really make that sort of comment when you start your comment with an insult and keep replying harassing me when all I am doing is asking to not be mentioned on this site any more? too much to ask is it? looks as if as usual you come off looking like the terrible human being that you are, you should smile more iamso1 to Boris ......... for the last t 10 hours ago If you do not want to be mentioned on this site anymore then do not post anything else.

You are the one putting yourself in the public light. I was told to eat a bullet by someone posting as the clique but you say I have had no experience with them. You post under several names and defend the clique under all of them. You stated yourself, ("trust me I used to be front and centre of any Clique related activity and I know exactly where each member is and it ain't here"), these are your words.

Yorkie did not tell me to eat a bullet, you did so again. LEAVE ME ALONE! I do not care if these posts remain on the site and I will pursue getting them removed after I report you again for harassment! iamso1 to Boris .........

for the last t 9 hours ago The word patently is not used by many people and as a matter of fact the person that was bothering me on the other complaint used it and has the same phrasing as you. You also use different locations that you are allegedly from. They are as follows, wQueensland, Australia, wGimpertshausen, Bayern, wRéallon, Provence-Alpes-Cote D'azur. These are just from the exchange on this review.

Go ahead and report me, make certain you include all of the correspondence that you claim is patently a lie and how I besmirched your good name. Don't forget harassment, false accusations, slander and libel.. Please follow through with this as it will defend your reputation as being a vital participant that posts constructively helping others to solve the problems they are having. Boris to iamso1 9 hours ago wUlaanbaatar, Mongolia You have it all wrong, I am not here to help others, my sole purpose of being here is to defend myself against you and Yorkies lies, if indeed you aren't the exact same person as we all know who Yorkie is.

I do apologise for having good grammar and a vocabulary larger than 7 words, I know this is unusual on the Internet but I assure you it is possible for more than 1 person to be able to use a word as they aren't copyrighted. Look I am now in Outer Mongolia, maybe you can add that to the list too as you are my new stalker

Original review posted by user Jan 31, 2015

Waiting to see if this site will back up their terms of use rules or not. This is the same reason I complained here in the first place about another site, cam4 not enforcing theirs. I am being harassed and abused by someone after participating in this complaint, Has Cam4 lost the war to Chaturbate? f2aed70 review #585423

A person posting comments in response to my posts has become abusive and is now suggesting that I eat a bullet. I would think that this type of comment being posted on your site would be in violation of your T & C. I am not worried about this person doing anything to me but wow. Is this really allowed hear.


Cliquerty to iamso1 1 day ago wCliquot, Missouri

Not sure who IAmSo1 is but The Clique already hate you, please do not ever come to Cam4 unless you want us to lol you off the site as you seem to be an annoying pr1ck

Many thanks

The Clique (voted Cam4's most unlikable 5 years running).

iamso1 to Cliquerty 1 day ago

Cliquerty. Definition of clique is, noun 1. a small, exclusive group of people; coterie; set. verb (used without object), cliqued, cliquing. 2. Informal. to form, or associate in, a clique. Thanks for your recognition but You are such a small influence that I will have to decline your rejection and visit as I wish, I like a good laugh myself. Thanks but no thanks!

IAmNotSo1 to iamso1 8 minutes ago wTardos, Komarom-Esztergom

Wow IAmso........................................... much of an unbelievable f5ckt8rd you can use Google to find a dictionary, doesn't take away from the point that you seem like an unlikable non entity that wouldn't be wanted on Cam4 anyway.

The Clique are aware what there name means, that's why they named themselves it? you point as with all you have ever posted on here is both vapid and invalid, please eat a bullet as soon as is physically possible

Many thanks

Everyone who has ever read your drivel on here

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I didn't like: Teatment here.

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