As a practicing Veterinarian I am sick of:

1-Clients that expect free services because "we are supossed to love animals", I have heard it all, "I have no money to treat my puppy dying of Parvo" then show up 2 weeks later with a brand new dog they bought from an expensive Pet Shop.

2-Clients that give a false address and run out of the hospital (unto a waiting car) with a $400 unpaid bill. It turns out he gave us his grandmother's address (he had also stolen money from her).

3-Clients that do not give their pets medicine that we have prescribed, then when the pet gets worse they want their money back, claiming the medicine did not work (how come you have 7 pills left over, if you say you gave Fluffy all her medicine?)

4-Clients that lie and badmouth other Vets when we know the client is trying to play Vets against eachother to get refunds he doesn't deserve.

5-Clients that are too cheap to pay for the minimum care for their pet, yet they always threaten with "calling their lawyers", who by the way charge a lot more than Vets.

6-Clients that after you have done your best work to save their pet's life, and suceeded, have the b-lls to say that perhaps their pet was not really that sick but you exagerated his illness to charge him more money.

7-Clients that will give their pets drugs they have laying around their houses to save money, and then complain when their pet has to be hospitalized because their medicine has caused a worst illness.

8-Clients that are careless and put out poisons that their pets ingest, allow their pets to eat garbage or chew toys that cause illness or obstructions and then expect the Vet to perform a miracle without payment.

9-Clients that lie to their Vet to obtain narcotics.

10-Clients that have agressive pets that expect the Vet to treat without sedation (no I don't trust you to hold a 100 pound Rotweiller while I check to see if his leg is broken).

11- Clients that abuse their pets for profit, by fighting, racing, overbreeding, etc...

Reason of review: Not as described.

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