Enosburg Falls, Vermont

This website ***!!! Why is it when you type the wrong code in by mistake it deletes your whole freaking statment.

That really *** when you spend the time to type all this stuff to help people out and it all goes away by one wrong letter or number. What a poor web design. You need to get you act together and just make someone type a differnt code rather than deleting the whole freaking statement..... Oh sorry I must type atleast 100 words so this web site will except my statement.

sometimes a point can be made with fewer words.... do you get it now????

Review about: Pissed Consumer Website.

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Keningau, Sabah, Malaysia #245009

The code is like a safety valve in a pressure system. It deters dumba$$e$ like you from posting your idiotic comments and such.


Before you hit the send button just select all and copy the message with your mouse. Then if your message disappears you can just paste it in again.

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