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i think this web page sucks! there is no helping anyone or giving good advice.

all you people do is take alot of time going over eveyones spelling and giving them *** if they spell a word wrong. git ovr it hahaha. well anywho i dont have a story to tell right now but i guess i have to keep typing because i need 100 words soooooo whata do? typ typ and typ i guess.

(sigh) im only at 75 words now, hmmmm what to say?? well i will be going back to give positive feedback to people when im done here

Product or Service Mentioned: Pissed Consumer Website.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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i do agree there are some jerks on here that have nothing better to do then put people down, some i see are kids messing around on here. some people just need to be nice your on here complaning about stuff just like everyone else.

and im sure your spelling isn't perfect eaither. :p

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