The website, thepissedoffconsumer.com copied the name and theme colors of the pissedconsumer.com site and using it in a mannerwhich could be viewed as copyright infrindgement. To many similarities.

It is also using the site for consumer complaints.

All of which seem to be an attempt to drag consumers from this site to their website, thepissedoffconsumer.com - I wouldn't like that if I owned this site and would consider doing something to put this site in it's place before they attempt to replicate the entire site. Some people don't quite understand that having similar names with similar features is illegal.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pissed Consumer Website.

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Yakima, Washington, United States #659794

Sabol, et al.v.Hydroxatone LL acnd Atlantic Coast Media Group LLC

Civ. n

No. 2:11-cv-04586-KM-MAH (USDC, DNJ)

This Notice Provides Limited Information About A Class Action Settlement.

You may be eligible to receive cash or a product benefit under a proposed Amended Settlement that has been

reached with Hydroxatone LL and Atlantic coast Media Group ("Defendants") in a class action titled Sabol

et al v. Hydroxatone LLC and Media Group LLC. Civ. No. 2:11-ev-04586-KM-MAH (D, DNG). Settlement Class

Members will, depending on the individual claimant's transaction history, receive either a cash Benefit

as set forth in the Amended Settlement Agreement. Their full Class Notice and Claim Form can be found

at the settlement website, www.hydroxatonesettlement.com, or requested by calling toll-free 888-267-3071.

You can submit a Claim online at www.hydroxatonesettlement.com or by mail. THE CLAIM DEADLINE IS AUGUST

15th 2013. If you desire to be represented by your own lawyer, you may hire one at your own expense and

you may enter an appearance with the court.

In the lawsuit, the plaintiff agrees, among other things, that Defendants' failure to adequately disclose

terms of Risk Free Trails and Auto-Shipment Programs, refusal to refund customers who timely returned

Hydroxatone products, failure to allow consumers to timely cancel Auto-Shipment memberships, and failure to

cease billing consumers for Hydroxatone products after they have canceled their memberships constitutes a breach

of contract, a violation of the New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act, and unjust enrichment. Defendants deny all

of the claims. The Class includes Persons residing in the United States who between January 1, 2005 and

March 28, 2013 paid for, and/or were charged for Hydroxatone-branded products, and/or were charged shipping and

processing fees for such products, in connection with a Risk-Free Trail and/or Auto-Shipment Program, includ-

ing but not limited to offers regarding or receipt of the following products: Hydroxatone, Celtrixa, Hydro-

lyze, Declatone, Lashatone, Instant Effects, Luminique, Instant Wrinkle Filler, and Orexis. If you are a

member of the Settlement Class, you have certain rights and options, such as submitting a Claim for a

Settlement Benefit, requesting exclusion from the Amended Settlement, or objecting to the Amendment Settle-


Astoria, Oregon, United States #652246
Astoria, Oregon, United States #652245

Keranique is at it again. If you haven't contracted with a company to activate a purchase and aren't even aware that they have signed you up for their product, why would you have to stop it.

Good question, but with Keranique, Hydroxatone, or any other product under their corporate blanket, that doesn't seem to matter. Data miners in this country alert, this company or corporation should be seriously watched as it has trouble, with honesty. As I said, I, after seeing an add of the TV, thought why not! Many people in this country who have been brought up at a time, when ethics were of value are not aware of corporations that have none.

Beware there are ones who have trouble with the definition of that word.


CRICKET WIRELESS - These guys are CRAZY! Don't ever deal with them - their service is pathetic and their personnel are imbeciles!

If you want to get totally ripped off and frustrated, then go ahead and indulge yourself with a idiotic, *** company like Cricket!!!!!!

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