Because of the many reviews on Europcar, I canceled my reservation for my forthcoming Belgium Trip and switch to Hertz through AAA. This change has saved me money and a lot of time, which this trip does not afford. Thanks to all the consumer reviews.

Most of the reviews indicate that this Company and its partners have no customer service and will take every opportunity to rip off their customers. From what I have researched about Europcar, do not use this Company, and always check this web site before you commit to anything using your credit card.

Remember, "Buyer Beware," means you!

Reason of review: Good quality.

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I had my wallet stolen at Europcar Nice airport. I'd walked 20 metres then realised I'd left my wallet in the car.

They told me the car was empty. I paid a peage fifteen minutes before and put it in the compartment beside the driver's seat. They allowed me to search the car but my wallet had already been removed. They wouldn't help us get a telephone number to cancel our cards.

The manager, Madame Courtois, said she would inspect CCTV footage and ring me back. She never did.

to markfahey #588496

forgot to add, 200 euros in my wallet and nearly missed my flight filing police report. Europcar were unconcerned about my 'problem' as they put it.

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