I spent an hour on a very thoughtful and important (to me) review. After entering the supposed srong code when the page came back my review was gone.

This *** is never pleasant, and that is even more frustrating. People take the time out to provide these reviews u kget advertisers then take the words right out of my page. Bunch of /***.

Its this sit that is buggin the *** out of me right now.

You make it freaking difficult if not impossible to submit a review. It shouldn't take all freaking day an d three nerve pills to get word out to consumers.

This shoudl be easir. Hows that for 100 words.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Constable, New York, United States #226128

Thank you!!! finally some who is tired of typing the same thing over and over only to have it deleted by a *** security code.. don't need a 100 words for that!!!


That has happened to me on other websites before as well. Ever since these code things are around, which I don't really understand the purpose of.

To save yourself the stress, what i do is after I type the review i highlight and copy it. This way if it deletes, I can just paste.

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