Pissedconsumer is fraudulent website basically set up to post malicious comments and defame individuals and businesses.

Doesn't allow positive comments only negative ones then tries to charge the victims $1000 to remove offending posts.

I wonder if this post will get through...somehow i doubt it.

Criticism is a ***!

Fairness isnt allowed.

There are numerous busines that have fallen victim to this scam -- and play into webtrolls and disgruntled ex-employees who would obviously have axes to grind. If it was fair they would contact the business or person and attempt verification first before posting. At least in a court an allegations isn't allowed to be anonymous.

And it is pretty easy to appear to coem from different coutries to post a serious of complaints/comments and appear there are many people with siomilar complaints. Big give away is the style of language used is the same of bery similar this exposes a single or at most 2 or 3 individuals conducting a campaign of hate

Reason of review: Not as described.

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