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On Sept 6, 2008, a complaint was posted with my name on it against a local business .... it was attacking her character. I am begging and demanding to please remove the complaint against Kay's Cut & Style - Thomson, Ga. I did NOT make that post and I dont want my name associated with it.

So please, ASAP, remove the original complaint against her. I know that you have the ways and means to do so. I pray you find it in her heart to quickly removed this post!

I've emailed 5 times, sent and letter in the mail and tried to find a phone number to call you. This is causing a lot of trouble for the business owner and me. Both of us have been affected.

Pissedconsumer should not allow a complaint like this to be posted. This is defamation of character and it needs to be removed IMMEDIEATLY! You have the right and the means to do so. So please REMOVE COMPLAINT!

Thank you...........Alison Coleman

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