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Thank you for bringing your concerns to our attention!

We checked our records and see that you successfully registered with us. Also, we found both of your reviews been published on our site:

If you would like to update your review, please do the following:
1) Log in to your account on (using;
2) Go to "My Reviews" tab;
3) Select a review and press "Write update" button.

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Pissed Consumer Customer Support

I keep getting emails about failing to register with Pissed Consumer but I see no place to register. I would happily register, just tell me where to do this.

I have recently posted 2 very bad reviews about Curtis Int and their customer service or lack thereof and would like to register with your site for future use. It tells me I have to use at least 100 words in order to send this email and get a response. This is a very difficult task when all I want is to find where to register to get access to Pissed Consumer. So now I am just taking up room so I can send this damn email.

Seriously, is this necessary? Just email me what is needed to register and I will do it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pissed Consumer Account.

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