I hope Pissed Consumer looses this lawsuit.Personally, I don't know how they can celebrate Christmas with ruining my name and reputation from someone I don't know and did nothing of what they said.

I HOPE YOU ALL ROT IN *** ! Here's the law suite against PissedConsumer. We are spreading it ALL over the Internet with the Owners address' - This are not the true address on here for the owners.

But, we have those from the IRS log from a CPA and posting all over.Lets see how they like their privacy all over the net



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Friedrichswerder, Berlin, Germany #298191



Go get em - The're are a bunch of lowlifes & criminals.They should be held responsible for there lying BS comment board.I have them reported to NYS Attorneys General office.

Spread there names every where.Leave a number so I may join in bringing down this site and there other ones.

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