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Hi Linda,

Thank you for contacting Pissed Consumer.

We would like to address your concerns one by one.

If you would like to remove your review, you will need to provide us with proper notarized letter that must include all of the following points:
1. A statement that you are the user who posted the information that you now seek to remove;
2. A statement that the information previously posted by you was incorrect at the time it was posted;
3. Your full name, mailing address, email address and signature;
4. The URL (Address) of the subject post as it appears on;
5. A statement that you declare under penalty of perjury that the information provided in this request is true and accurate to the best of your knowledge;
6. Legible notary stamp (please make sure we can read commission or id number).
For more information please see our FAQ, paragraph 11 (

Regarding removal of your first and last name from the review. As this information is not considered to be personal, we will not be able to hide it.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to use our "Contact us" form:

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Update by user Nov 15, 2017

This statement is illogical and I would like for Pissed Consumer to please explain it to me: Regarding removal of your first and last name from the review. As this information is not considered to be personal, we will not be able to hide it.

How is my first and last name NOT personal information? Also explain what you mean by URL, you mean the address in the address bar above my review? And how do I send you all of this information? Snail mail or email?

And if it's email how do I provide a notary seal? Take a picture? I know if you think you put all these hoops in front of me I will just give up and let it go, but I won't. I did a stupid thing, made this situation worse and I want to make it right.

I want to get my real name off of searches for my screen name. So...explain these things to me so I can get you the information and you can remove my review.

Original review posted by user Nov 14, 2017

I wrote a review of Peepfinder who would not take my real name off of their site. It was turning up in search results of my screen name and anyone could find me.

In the review I did a really stupid thing and signed my real name and now...yeah, you guessed it, it's coming up in searches of my screen name. I Pissed Off Consumer to delete my real name from the review, because, as you know they will not let you edit the review once it is posted, and received no response. I have asked them to remove my review since it has been resolved and because I received no response from my first request, I have little hope in getting a response from the second one. It was a stupid mistake, but in my defense I did not see that we couldn't edit the review after it had been published.

This I do not understand, since review sites like Amazon, lets you edit the review and/or delete it.

All I want is my real name off of my screen name results. It was a mistake to put it in my review, but no one is perfect and it seems like a little thing to ask to get two words deleted from a review.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pissed Consumer Media Review Listing.

Reason of review: removal of my real name.

Preferred solution: Either delete my review or delete my real name from it..

I liked: That i got it resolved.

I didn't like: That i could not edit or delete my review, That my request to delete my name was ignored, Statement i could not edit my review was in a lighter font, Lighter font is easily missed.

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