Writing a complaint letter is an art that requires skill and thought. As any dedicated complainer knows, there are several important elements that must be included for a complaint to become successful:

- Short and Concise description of the problem

- Steps that were already taken by the person trying to resolve the problem

- Proof records (pictures/videos/documents)

- Proposed acceptable resolution and outcome

Even if you have all the items, the complaint is worthless when no one sees it. The more people see the complaint, the better chances you have to achieve the resolution. One of the ways to share the complaint with other people is to use online platforms such as PissedConsumer.com.

Having researched the topic of successful online reviews, Pissed Consumer team created a new easy-to-use issue reporting form located on the site.

Use a title field of the form for an issue subject and resolution you would like to achieve.

"What Happened" field was created for a short description of a problem, steps that were taken, and an outcome. To specify the company your complaint is about, we have a separate field called "Company Name".

As you know, no proof means no case. Pissed Consumer's online complaint form has a special section for photos, videos, and PDFs.

And the last but not the least is PUBLICITY. Here you have a variety of options from premium reviews to sharing in social networks. Moreover, Pissed Consumer itself is a powerful publicity tool.

Try our online form and tell us about your experience!

Reason of review: Fast order processing.

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