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I just finished a long review of trackr BEFOR LOGGING IN and tried to loving with gmail but the link was broken and went to Apple mail. The I had to reset my password and once I got into my account my review was gone.

This is way too complicated. I don't have a 100 words. Why do you make it so hard for consumers to use your site? n'i;orgh;uhuehnxeioeoijwncjnc ghytpoeo dewvpq egitc ijer fhow.

I had hope when I found you but you are like all the other companies avoiding their customers. I am so mad.

How do you count 100 words? ci9timficmcc k ckkjnrijijmp fijjf fi0fifi0 0if0ifif fopeoeioiew ewewepoewowed od[ppow woqwoqwoqkkd owoodewwedwejdwjefoeoro3 32 oe2r40 ir3oi r 0i1eit0 0r04r`4t0i 4ir20r 3rir0 ir23io c c40i4erj4 i4jfoifoirnwjne doidjidioeji 3r 3i3 32392303030i9rirkdjedk,mwdkmklw2 i 1jfr4 48423 nmencjijiiejokpkok98330ld'l=qdw=wd 0i2u3rhlm;oepi9e9diwedi9wid9wewieol'W;epwede

Reason of review: I have filled this out twice now.

Monetary Loss: $100.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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