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Update by user Mar 25, 2015

I appreciate finally being acknowleged, but I just checked, and the troll posts attacking me and Experience Project are still there. Can you please explain to me what has been "resolved"?

Update by user Mar 23, 2015

I just now received an obviously automatic e-mail from this site. My response to it?

No, "PissedConsumer", my issue has emphatically NOT been resolved! The hateful troll posts attacking me and a lot of other innocent people, are still there.

It appears that there are no moderators at all on this site, and that trolls, or people with a grudge against a business or an individual, can slander them with outrageous lies. Well, I intend to tell the truth, that this is apparently a forum for liars and trolls to trash the reputations of decent people, and not to be taken seriously.

Update by user Mar 07, 2015

And now the trolls who apparently post unchecked on this site are posting personal attacks on me. I see I have wasted my time in thinking that this was a legitimate website.

Update by user Mar 03, 2015

I will not be responding to the trolls attacking this post. Their lies speak for themselves.

Original review posted by user Feb 21, 2015

This site is allowing internet trolls to post phony reviews attacking another site, and innocent people by their usernames. These trolls were banned from that site for harassing and bullying others, and now they are here posting lies and nasty attacks on the site, and random members.

I wrote a complaint to the support line of this site, including in my message verification of everything I told them. I received no acknowledgment, and I see the troll posts are still there.

From this I gather that this site is an unmoderated joke, and that anyone can post anything, with no verification of truth. People should be warned, before they post a review, or take anyone else's review seriously.

Review about: Pissed Consumer Website.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: The troll posts should be removed, and the trolls banned from making any future posts..

I didn't like: Allows troll posts.

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New Orleans, Louisiana, United States #952022

CNTRYBOI4COK a well known and high profile troll from Cam4 has filled the Cam4 section of this site with lies and slanderous posts about several users. The obsession he has with USADavid is what always gives him away plus Cntryboi4cok.

Cntryboi4cok has used hundreds of accounts on Cam4 since 2010 to harass performers and members alike.

Only luck is the reason he hasn't been banned yet but everyone who needs to know about him is aware so he has no power on the site anymore.

to Anonymous #952407

Exactly. Cntryboi makes it so obvious time and time again, he leaves his mess everywhere.

He has form for setting up hate blogs about various Cam4 users as well, not to mention a long list of alias accounts he will use to attack fellow moderators and performers he gets jealous of and even worse he has stalked people from Cam4 on dating sites. Everything written about him across various sites, no matter how far fetched it may seem, is the truth. The guy doesn't just have two faces, he has several. His list of victims is never ending.

Its a questionable why Cam4 haven't banned him despite legit evidence to prove what he has done but I suspect this is because he made himself a victim in order to cover his real online activity, that's the basic mind of a troll. The Iamso1 thread that got started here was clearly by Cntrybo1 in the same way that Mindsight one was. Cntry can issue all the denials on his Cam4 profile that he wants but he is here on this site 24 hours every day, the facts are this, USA David and Scoobs are both well respected Cam4 members.

So everyone believes them. They have no reason to lie about what Cntryboi has done.

Everett, Washington, United States #950949

Signs up to the site just to make a complaint about the site sounds like a legit member and legitimate complainant to me!

to Anonymous Hazlet, New Jersey, United States #950951

I did not receive so much as an acknowledgement when I wrote directly to the Customer Service address. I thought maybe I would have better luck posting my complaint publicly.

to AbbeyRhode Everett, Washington, United States #950953

In that case my apologies, I made a statement without first knowing the full facts and that was wrong, I do agree in principal that this site has been taken over by trolling and non factual comments or just plain insults against fellow site users. Do you have personal experience of a certain section of this site where this is happening so I can be sure to avoid it in the future?

to Anonymous Hazlet, New Jersey, United States #952442

Thank you, I appreciate that. Yes, I am referring to a specific group of troll complaints.

They are about Experience Project, and they are posted by a gang of trolls who have been banned from the site. They have posted childish and profane attacks on the site, it's moderators, and even it's members by username.

The main troll calls himself BillyMadison, and he was banned for inappropriate behavior with underage girls, attacking and harassing innocent people, and posting racial attacks, among other offenses. It's disturbing to see that such horrible people are able to post their hateful garbage on supposedly legitimate sites, and have it taken seriously.


Signed up yesterday just to make a complaint, sounds like a legit member of the site to me!

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