I am pissed about this site.I thought I might learn something but all I see are al bunch of whiners and some dude asking *** questions..such as.. "What jerks" "What Scams" and on and on.Get off the pity train people and smarten up.

Check out a company before dealing with them.

Ok "dude" waiting on you to chime in.."What dude" LOL Yeah you in the baseball hat!!

I don't yet have the required 100 words so I guess I will have to yak more. To "dude" I see you never got an answer to ONE of your answers.Thats funny.

You remind me of a little kid..what this..what that..& everyone ignoring you. OK I made my quota of 100 words..yeah babyyyy

Product or Service Mentioned: Pissed Consumer Website.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Weehawken Township, New Jersey, United States #318390
:roll This guy here sounds like a REAL *** himself. Does this person not know that there are people who scam other people?

You sound like you like to scam others yourself...a true "businessman" who cares only about themselves. Do us all a favor and stay home--- away from other people!

You know, no one is forcing you to read this site.


I SO agree with this posting. You people buy *** then whine you got scammed when you dont have enough sense to check out a company first.

WHERE do you people find these scammers anyhow? They must see you coming down the street and wait for you like rattlesnakes.

Grow up, research and quit whining. You have ENTIRE INTERNET to look up *** before you buy it.

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