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I have written letters to Wal-Mart, Burger King, Taco Bell, Kmart and Subway and Wendy's about the poor treatment that I have gotton. I thought that this was a place to write letters to let companies know how they are doing. In a few cases I have suggested that if they really wanted my service that they should give me a gift card or coupon. After all I am a registrerd nurse and make 80k a year. Which means I make more money than the average diner/shopper. However my letters have been torn apart by immature pre-teens, sexually frustrated teens and minimum waged adults who are jealous of how much money I make.

I have reported many replies, one in particular from Brett who is one of these sexually frustrated teens but you idiots that run this site have not done anything about it. Also I have three accounts on this site because I keep having trouble logging into my other account's "complain265".and complain_265. What is with you morons. Can't you run a website properly. I have a ten year old son and he could do a better job than you.

I think that for all my troubles(being ignored when I complain about rude replies, not being able to log in I deserve some kind of financial settlement from pissedconsumer. Again like I said in my other letters. I am a registered nurse. I make 80k a year and I can afford to provide for my family more than my deadbeat ex husband it is not like I am needy. However something must be done to make up for this.

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Well, at least your wages have gone up. I see on your latest Walmart complaint you make 90k a year. But is there a new bunch of sexually frustrated teens on pissed consumer?

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