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im pissed at the pissedconsumer.com what the heck is with the useless hyperlinks(ads) populating the entire site and every review? They are useless and annoying.

The word they link to takes you nowhere and 90% of the time the ad has nothing to do with the word it hyperlinks. then when the *** thing pops up, it blocks what the heck you are trying to read. whats up with that? it also lags the loading of the page what a waste of time.

im pissed at the pissedconsumer.com 's blatent non directional ads populating the site. im pissed at the pissedconsumer.com

Product or Service Mentioned: Pissed Consumer Website.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Hilmar, California, United States #45843

btw a solution to adds is firefox with an add blocker plugin

1.)search google firefox, download it from mozilla's site

2.)after installation search google for firefox add block plugin (install the one it shows)

Done, no more annoying pop up adds, or annoying banners. and way less spyware and viruses

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