Pissed off consumer allows anyone to right a complaint about any one or any thing with out any kind of proof that the complaint is even true... I have complaints about myself and my company on this darn web sight that are not valid in any way!!

I am a very responsible breeder and I answer all of my calls if not when you call, then as soon as I can call back !! I go out of my way to make sure all my customers are happy !! I have been breeding Bulldogs for over 15 years now and only have these two untrue complaint's on here ... this *** me off, it's troubling to know that potential customers see these "complaint's about me and may make a decision not to buy a puppy from me when all I have ever done is my absolute best to insure that my customers are completely happy with there new puppy !!

I have a HUGE list of HAPPY CUSTOMERS that Im more that happy to share to any one who doubts that I am a GREAT Breeder !!! I just want that when someone rights something on this sight that it is valid, not just someone who didn't fulfill there side to complete the sell ... I drove 6.5 hours to Vegas and back to deliver a puppy and the guy never would come to the door or accept a call or call me so I could give him his puppy, I tried to Hand deliver him to his new family before Christmas ( Dec. 23rd) he never came to the door !!!

who can he talk bad about me ?? I did what I said i would do, he didn't come to the DARN DOOR...


I hate Pissed off Consumer !!

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er, I've never heard of a legitimate breeder who would "drive six hours" to deliver a puppy. Every breeder I know, makes the prospective owner come to them.

More than once, in order to pick out the animal soon after birth, and then give the breeder time to socialize the animal, give it all the necessary shots and spay/neuter. So the process takes several months. AND pay in advance of ALL of that!

Some breeders will even require a telephone chat with their vet, for other animals they have "owned", as well as an in-house visit to ensure the new pet parent is able to provide a good home.

I seriously doubt if this person is as good a breeder as they claim...


These commenters here are COLD with it I must say.

But of course considering its so easy to spew nasty venom when they're hiding under mommy's skirt, so to speak.

And naturally, they're all trolls and/ or ppl who have little person syndrome. Aka. Inferiority complex. If someone is brave enough to spew *** they should be brave enough to link comment to their social media.

Lol. I just noticed ... OMG how obviously unreliable posting AS ANONYMOUS.



If you're doing everything perfect as you've made it seem then you should have nothing to worry about. Surely you know that, right?

Makes sense to me. Plus, you just can't please EVERYONE. There's always going to be someone inevitably, who's dissatisfied. Just make sure you stay on the up-n-up as far as billing etc etc etc is concerned, then I honestly wouldn't worry abt it ever again.


And there's always the Trump card.. Just being honest you know-

Once a person has their mind SET on smthn, all the ugly reviews in the world... don't even matter.

That's that. Good luck to ya though


I hope you report your income to irs

Columbia, Maryland, United States #1181970

I hate people who breed dogs while the pet overpopulation crisis continues to grow. Disgusting. You should be ashamed.

to Anonymous Lewiston, Maine, United States #1181982

Whatever "overpopulation crisis" there may be will be solved as soon as dogs and cats take their rightful place on the list of consumer food items.


to Anonymous Cabot, Arkansas, United States #1275779

What kind of left wing BS is that!? There is nothing wrong with breeding dogs.

It's a business that meets a need. It is amazing how many people are brainwashed to think everything is wrong unless it matches up with their perverse left-wing ideals.

to Helpful #1392703

Anonymous snowflakes. Nuff said. SMH


There is no such thing as a good breeder why do you think you should profit off of a life your ***


If just completed a lengthy complaint to Whirpool regarding my Cabrio model top loading washer. From the number of complaints I've seen online, this is obviously a defective washer, no matter what the model number. Has anyone considered uniting and attempting a class-action lawsuit?


I dont believe for one minute that there are too many reviews that are lies. Maybe few and far between if you anger a lover or something.

Obviously by your post you are easily angered. Unprofessionalism has taken over our country. From mcdonalds to bloomingdales. I think you guys are angry because you cant get away with it anymore .

How do you suppose they verify if its true?

Lol even your local and national news lies 24/7. Telling lies isnt illegal

to Anonymous #1392708

You wanna bet? I get it, another afflicted with the leftitis syndrome.

Here's your freebie for the day, if you think you need to defame someone's character, hope you have plenty of money to throw away. Furthermore if you're ignorant enough to put it in WRITING, welcome to libel. Chances are -You won't do jail time but you will be broke cold crying about your rock-man Blues by the time I'm done with you-

That you will inevitably get yourself in a pickle and behaving illegally- you'll be penniless. Lol.

You'll go to jail. Hehe. And everyone lived happily never after.

So, feeling froggy?

Just... jump!


I am right there with you! A huge client list of happy customers and one *** wants to slander my name just makes me so angry!!

Dallas, Texas, United States #903460

Club Paradise Texarkana

Finally a place where your kids can go drink alcohol. DROP YOUR DAUGHTER and her friends at a secured place where you will never know she was molested or worse. Wonderful place where the underage can get the full nightlife effect they can get their drink and try a little coke or a pill or 2.


write* a review


Yeah it's terrible they don't even check out the complaint to see if it's ligit, most of the time it is just another breeder posting something negative to give a breeder a bad name, pitiful place.....now I see they are charging for their bad review to be up front, good way to scam people out of money if you ask me, just think pissed off consumer is making money off these complaints, WOW!!

Orlando, Florida, United States #823426

High pressured sales staff, harrasing phone calls, argumentative, offensive, brash, and down right unprofessional is how I would describe Orlando Singles at 1001 N. Lake Destiny Road, Suite 200, Maitland, FL 32751

High-pressured sales staff, harassing phone calls, argumentative, offensive, brash, and down right unprofessional is how I would describe Orlando Singles at 1001 N.

Lake Destiny Road, Suite 200, Maitland, FL 32751

Have you ever clicked on a link and then received a rash of calls from an overbearing salesperson selling their so-called dating services. Well I have, and that was the beginning of an onslaught of aggressive salespersons hunting me down like a bunch of hungry wolves. After receiving several calls, listened to the pitch, and with great apprehension scheduled an appointment. The day of the appointment, I received several calls from an appointment reminder, then another one shortly after to make sure I had the correct directions, then another reminder.

After several calls my gut was saying these people are desperate, I’m cancelling.

When I called back to cancel, I was interrogated as to why I was cancelling, what was the reason, and numerous other intrusive questions I finally told them it was none of your business, I’m cancelling!

Today, they called me again, more aggressive than ever, to the point of arguing with me, over-talking me, defensive, argumentative, and bulling. I even told them stop…or I will blog about the horrible experience I had with Orlando Singles, so here it is, as promised!

Stay away from these crazy people, their desperate, and they will hunt you down.

Ayr, Scotland, United Kingdom #750711


Linda Gina Hermida, AYR Scotland - Bankruptcy Notice!!!

Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada #713177

No one who breeds dogs is responsible or decent. With all the unwanted dogs in the world you just add to the over population.

I heard how you operate, you just toss or kill the puppies who don't look as good as you want them to. You are an abusive rotten person.

Stevens Point, Wisconsin, United States #586101

All you can do to clear your reputation is to post you own rebuttal in the comments/reply section at the bottom. Because once something is posted on this site, IT STAYS THERE!!!!

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