When I search the web for Andrew George Brentara, the list and website review that comes together and is displayed, makes it appear that I am the one complaining about Air masters; when it's not me but another man who calls himself "Buddy!"

Look I'm willing to be fair and say this very direct, It is within someones authority and ability at this website company to quickly make a clear delineation between the parse complaint and the abundance of good will and support concerning Air Masters services, so that when my name is brought into the internet arena and most especially in connection with this matter of my steadfast admiration of Sam Muqattash owner of Air Master Services, that the opinions and comments come across truthful and correct immediately to the browsing public and new customers who see the postings. It needs to be right up front and clear, that I Andrew Brentara, was not the one to complain about Air Masters, but rather now I am the complaining party in this situation.

If the efforts to set it straight, tend not to not focus on a most hurtful and damaging form of advertising and marketing,at Air Masters continuing Expense!

Signed Pissed at pissed.com only now! Lets do a fair trade and business practices to help our nation out of the bad economy and into a good and stable resurgence of example-ship with our help for each other.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pissed Consumer Website.

Reason of review: Not as described.

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Ok allow me to explain this in a more simple way so we all come to the same understanding. First "Buddy" is not the point!

The point is this The way we arrange the information of introduction on the links and connections of a data based information system and the retrieval with access must not cause a conclusion or create a framework of opinion to be represented as a suggested fact that is implied or referenced as a thread of thought stemming from a foundation of something proposed as truth when the opposite is in fact the truth. It's miss leading to present me in the thread of complaint which leads someone to belief that I was the complaining party in the introduction of the thread that came from all of the base words involved with the search request producing the website lists. The result paragraph that is first read in the search using my name does that very thing. It implies something that is not Valid or True!

Now do see my point more clearly? Yours, AGB


Probably not a lot you can do about it. This is an open forum and anyone can use any name they wish or just remain anonymous.

And if you're complaining about a guy who calls himself "Buddy" then you are beating a dead horse.

There must be thousands of people with that nickname. Don't see how it reflects back to you.

Andrew Brentara

will stand ready to hear any opinions and additions to my post

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