How can this site let anybody make unfounded or unproven claims!!

This is so irresponsible for any site to do!!!

if they won a law suit against the company is one thing but for anybody to be able to say anything they like is Reckless on pissed consumer's part

I own Bella roofing ,there a guy got on this site made a bunch of phony claim against my company ,and pissed consumer won't make the person that filed the claim prove it with legal documents!!! and they think this is fair to a company????

George Peters

Owner of Bella Roofing

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Alliance, Ohio, United States #579502

Dms2222 where did you learn to spell? Ronald Burton school of inbreeding

i got your loser right here pal.......you suck on this !


Been in this country long, Georgey? It's called "free speech". Suck it up, loser.

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