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Update by user Oct 05, 2020

I was under the understanding that my phone number and e-mail would not be shown. I would not have left it if I would have known it was not.

But the phone call with facebook code was from the same number that had called me from facebook, and Ronnie is still saying he had not been contacted by facebook or even made a call with them.

Who ever that was was very rude and I no longer know what to believe but I think that this is going to get me to leave all of my friends and followers on facebook. I can't help others in my page if I can't trust anyone it is a very sad time for this old lady

Original review posted by user Oct 04, 2020

JUST FOUND OUT THESE CALLS ARE INDEED FROM YOUR COMPANY RIGHT HERE IT IS DIRECTLY LINKED TO THIS COMPANY RIGHT HERE YOU GAVE DONE A LOT OF DAMAGE TO A LOT OF PEOPLE. THIS CALL JUST A COUPLE OF MINUTES AGO NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO TALK TI ANYONE LIKE HE DID ME RIGHT NOW One time reporting with you I get nasty message and phone calls suddenly. Something is very wrong with you and you ARE MOST DEFINATELY A SCAM¡!!!submitted a report about a facebook dispute. I did receive a call that said they were friends m facebook. I believed it till;

* The person that I was supposed to be talking to was not at all like the person that knew and was helping to get his group back.

* Ronnie this person said that he in fact never made this call.

I received a facebook confirmation code right after this call ended from facebook:

Your facebook confirmation code is {{{REDACTED}}}

I called the number back and it was someone saying that yes this was facebook, I asked them if they had indeed had Ronnie on the phone with them and they stated that they said yes that they had him on the phone when they called me. Then I gave them the code that I had received right aftetheir call by this phone number and they told me that this conversation was over.

I talked to Ronnie sent him all if the information and he stated that he was never contacted by facebook.

There has been s many people hurt by this phone call. I left the group that I helped him to make when his group was stolen, I wrote my last post on my Facebook wall, and I am going to be leaving facebook because if this situation right here and 19222 followers , 5000 friends all because of this.

I am very hurt and so are so many others just because if this. I am going to make one last post and it is going to be all if the screenshots with the report I first filed, this e-mail right here and everything that happened. This is all so sad for me because facebook is all I have my husband passed, I am disabled, but I do not know who to believe and I cannot stay and help others, that is what my page is for, without trust and after this experience I honestly can no longer trust anyone now. This is a very sad time for me.

I have tried to contact pissed about this can't do it.

This whole experience has totally ruined everything that I built in honor of my late husband.

User's recommendation: Don't do it.

Location: North Hills, California

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