How do you get your complaints removed from this website????? I've tried everything and they do nothing!! Is the web administrater out to lunch or what!!! This is a flaw in there system.

Writers should be able to remove and edit there own writings on pissed consumer . com..

It would save them work- and us who get things resolved by the companys, wasted time trying to remove the articles.

MY COMPLAINT WAS ON THE WRONG COMPANY!! WHOOPS!! It wasn't HSI that treated wrong, it was VACATION CONCEPTS, that where based in LA.


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Pune, Maharashtra, India #1273035

As per the forum requirement, I had submitted Notarized Document to remove my complaint. Its more than 3 weeks now, there is no response from pissedconsumer.com yet.


I wrote the wrong name of my company. I thought it meant myself, so I said "Lynnie--I am not a company." Please change my company name to "Stemologica and Orde Beaute."


Please remove my review. I wish I didn't post it here.

I am now pissed at pissed-consumer.

Never again I will write anything here. You are as bad as those companies who screw us elsewhere.

North Battleford, Saskatchewan, Canada #964284

Please remove my 2 complaints that I posted about El Cid vacation club. The issue has been resolved.


I have resolved my issues with company directly.

Please remove my complain.

Harrisburg, North Carolina, United States #620414

Please remove my complaint on McDonalds

Harrisburg, North Carolina, United States #620413

Please remove my complaint on McDonald's



we remove you complaint form consumer sites /Consumer Forum

for more info call on


or mail hemant@bol7.com

to johnindia1 #945950


Apparently my commit was not what I wrote about a car dealer better deal nabeel......original commit. Piece of *** car...in and out the shop.

Complaints about the 07 Jetta is true. Got it used from dealer better deal nabeel. Will see what can be done. No need to start class action.

My commit to a complaint was edited. Words were missing.

Thus is the second time this has happened. :eek
Sable my dog

please remove what I put on my complaint


Hello, I would like m review on Amica Insurance removed. I was able to talk to a Vice President and resolve the issue satisfactorily


I would like my complaint about WJ Bradley removed.


Please remove the complaint i made on Azuma Leaseing today with the subject name: Azuma Leasing disappoints; mess credit scores. I have resovelved the matter amicably with Azuma Leasing company. I would like you to remove the complaint on them by me from PissConsumer.

Thank you PissConsumer for your efficiency and how you are helping consumers out.


I have resolved my issues with 1stopmaintantenance. The owner himself asked me to come back and actually took all my ideas into consideration.

He offered me a project manager position and got rid of the people that have been destroying his company.

I am not fixing a pile of mess that has been left by pervious employees and I truly feel for the company and they way pervious employeed have skated through collecting paychecks without taking responsibility for their positions. I want to remove my comment and think it's crazy you can not remove it without sending a notarized letter.



. Q: How do I edit/remove reviews I have posted?

A: To rectify the situation, complaint poster must mail a notarized letter to complaints.com outlining the details.

Notarized letter must include:

* Statement that you are the user of PissedConsumer website and poster of the information that you request to review

* Statement that information posted was incorrect at the time of posting

* Your full name, mailing address and signature

* URL (Address) of the post on PissedConsumer.com

* Statement "I declare under penalty of perjury that the information provided on this request is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge."

* Legible notary stamp (please make sure we can read commission or id number)

Please send all the documents to our mailing address that you can find on Contact Us Page. Please also notify us via form located on the same page.

PissedConsumer will review submitted documents and make determination. Such review may take up to 2 weeks.


I've been trying to get a report removed that's completely fake. I don't even HAVE a business -- this guy who has been stalking me put my phone number and address on this site and made up some horrible things about me. But no one will respond to remove it.


I have two complaints written about glacier energy and would like them removed. please do this promptly


I also resolved a dispute with Paul Davis Systems...All is good now.

I've sent many emails to the admin of PC asking for my complaint to be removed, with no reply...

Anyone have any luck with removal?


I would like instructions on how to remove my comment about Hallmark Motor Sales on pissed consumer.com

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