Chatham, Massachusetts

This is the third time to post a complaint against After having a customer post a early knee-*** reaction to a problem; and use the TOS to not allow the customer to delete or modify the original posting; he was forced to post only a comment to the original posting. I and my company will have to live with this unless we pay a considerable sum of money (blackmail) to eradicate.

In the mean time; following the TOS, I am posting this pissed-consumer alert.

We will see if this complaint gets posted or is "swept under the rug". TODAY, the internet is very powerful, it must be actuate at all costs.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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Yes, the internet is a very powerful tool- particularly for social commentary! Also, another powerful tool which genuine businesses use is well-written English! I suspect that the only business you may be involved with is frequenting your local 'whip-me-and-lick-me' discount pleasure-drome!


1. What is "actuate?"

2. Your complaint leaves alot out---like what is the name of your company and the date of the complaint?

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