Why do people complain? The answer is simple -- they want to inform people and deliver their message so the company pays attention to the complaint.

Pissed Consumer allows you to easily share your review with millions and make it famous, visible and noticeable to other people. You can add pictures, videos and make it viral. Deliver your message so the company hears it and pays attention to the complaint.

There are two options: Featured Reviews and Premium Reviews.

For only 5,99 (this number should emerge as fas as the text goes) a month you can upgrade your post and make it a Premium Review.

Your post will be featured on the homepage of Pissed Consumer, get a special "Premium" label and will have a visible gold frame when listed on the company page.

Now let's talk about about Featured Reviews.

More than 20,000 (this number should emerge as fas as the text goes) people follow Pissed Consumer in social networks! They share their thoughts and give useful pieces of advice. Do you have a unique content or valuable experience to share with others? Do you have pictures, videos or documents to prove your case? Your review has all chances to be picked by our auditorial team and get featured on one of our official pages in social networks.

PissedConsumer's Facebook, Youtube, Google+ and Pinterest pages are waiting for your content! Moreover, we have a new section on our site called "Featured Reviews". Featured Reviews section shows only the most interesting content selected by our editorial team.

We are always here - to hear you!

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