I would like to know if pissed.consumer.com verifies any complaints. They provide a place to "vent" -- but you can't tell whether the complaints are legitimate or not.

If you look at all the companies complained about, you will probably find many that you personally have been happy with. It does no good to simply be a wall for *** and complaining.

This site attracts people who are irate -- and while many have a legitimate beef, they are encouraged to rail against a company. It is better to have a forum in which people can calmly and succinctly present their complaint or their favorable review (like tripadvisor, etc.) and then consumers can benefit by weighing all the good and bad reviews.

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please take the time to verify complaints. or at least make it where you have to have a registered email to post comments.

RIght now anyone can post anything they want whether it is true or not. and also whether it is offensive or not.


no they don't verify anything. so anyone with a grudge can slander any one they choose.

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