I tried your site. I tried typing in two different e-mail addresses. Your site tells me that they are not valid. I'd like to know what fromat you type your e-mail address. Since I have been getting mail at that address for the last 6 years. I can't understand why your so weird about an e-mail, if your getting paid for this. I guess i'll just need to go to another site that can help me. Since you can't.

also the 100 word thing? You must be very bored, if you need so much to read.

klarson :(

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Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #170026

hes talking about this site idiots, he posted his email address or tried to and it did not work, as for the op you dont need an email address for this site as you can see just give a fake one liie fuckoffpissedconsumer@hotmail.com


It's "format", not "fromat"...is it possible you transposed some letter/numbers in your e-mail address?

It's "you're", not "your"...twice.

"the last 6 years" of what?...perhaps you meant "the past 6 years"

Lastly, what exactly were you needing help with? This site doesn't offer help.


What the **** are you talking about? What site?

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