Pissed Consumer website is very destructive allowing anyone to post a complaint on anyone with no regards to facts or legitimacy.

They hang on the web with lies. This is not first amendment rights its a coward's site! Site is bad site is bad site is bad site is bad site is bad site is bad site is bad site is bad site is bad site is bad site is bad site is bad site is bad site is bad site is bad site is bad site is bad site is bad site is bad site is bad site is bad!

Review about: Pissed Consumer Website.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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The onlyest thing "Bad Here Is You".How do you know what is being posted is not "True"?Since you are a "God Sent Spokesman"What is your version of whatever post you are referring to.You never mentioned the post "Period".WTF


I definitely hear you on that!I am a Customer Service Representative for a company that has a false statement/complaint made on this website.

Some "pissed off consumer" is claiming they never got a refund for products they returned, I located the customer's account via the email address provided on the account, the customer indeed returned the items, but --- they hadn't even been charged in the first place! The returned products were sent to them free, all that was paid was $3.95 shipping and handling. I don't know what kind of refund someone would expect when they paid nothing for the product in the first place! The only thing I could possibly think of to explain this situation is if the customer was expecting a refund for the shipping charge - but since when does any company refund shipping?

And just to clarify - the package was received and processed by our warehouse on April 5, 2013 and the complaint on this website is dated May 31, 2013 and the last record of the customer ever contacting the company (via phone, mail or email) was dated March 30, 2013. The customer is complaining about a refund that a) is not due to them and b) they haven't inquired about. This website is a joke and makes it impossible for a company to provide a rebuttal to slanderous, unjustified complaints and get these false reports removed.

At least complaintsboard.com and consumeraffairs.com allow a chance for a company to right any accusations of wrong....

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Fair Oaks, California, United States #662514

If a company is receiving a high number of complaints then it's there for a legitimate reason. Whether it be ripoff report, consumer affairs or pissedconsumer, sites like these teaches customers what businesses looks out for the consumer and what businesses are just out there to make a quick buck.

Manchester, New Hampshire, United States #656901

Why are you on here then? :?


It seems you have a problem :grin ?

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