PISSED CONSUMER should let writers EDIT AND DELETE there own writings to save everybody time and money!

I would like my complaint's on Holiday Systems International deleted from your website. They resolved it and Vacation Concepts are the real ones that took my money and treated me so badly!! (In Mexico) Homebase LA

Thank You for removing them (2 complaints and 1 final wrap-up of the situation resolved) All on same page! Thanks again!!541-521-4767

or AllEarzz@msn.com

Pissed Consumer should let writers EDIT and DELETE there own writings/. It would save alot of hassles.

Review about: Pissed Consumer Website.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #1059154

Please delete alert on Darlene Cervantesreview #725356 by Noelia. I need to delete and repost, I have to take out two names that are being threatened. thank you.


Please remove my review #706274 it has been resolved


Please delete my complaint # 364258


Please remove the letter of complaint titled: TIME SHARE SCAM

Universl Vacation Club Complaint by Jackie Steimke # 356904 dated 11/5/12. The issue has been resoved. Thank you.


Would like the ability to edit complaints, forgot to erase my mothers name from her chat log that I posted about magic *** i mean magic jack :( "doh"


Please delete State of South Carolina complaint. I reread and it is too specific.


I would like my complaint's on Alain Pinel Realtors deleted from your website. They resolved it. Thank you,




How do I remove a complaint? The one I wrote on Chase has been resolved and I want to delete it. :sigh


please remove my complaint

my complaint againts saumyas shipping services pvt ltd.

now my problem was solved and i want to remove my compaliant please suggest me how to remove my complaint


i have submitted my complaint on 5 june 2011 after solving my problem i want to remove my comlpaint please suggest me how to remove my complaint


I would like my comment about WJ Bradley removed from Pissed Consumer.


"Your credibility would improve if you allowed an easy way to edit."


Please remove my post on


Your credibility would improve if you allowed an easy way to edit.

Is this just a money-making site for you to extort money from companies who receive complaints? They pay and you remove? You are abusing the consumers who come to you if this is true.

Mr. W

please remove the comment that has the DM's names in them I dont know who wrote that. I am ok with what it says but just want to either blank out their names or delete them plaese


Please remove my complaint dated Aug.6, 2010. The company has refunded my money and there have been no further problems.


Please remove my articles on Holiday systems international-WRONG COMPANY!!!!!


It's just a bug in there system I guess!!


I wish pissed consumer would let you edit and delete your own writings!! I put in the wrong companys name and they are slow at deleteing! If writers could do this, they wouldn't have too!!

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