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I have never used this site before but appreciate the opportunity to voice my consumer concerns. I can understand some people feel complaints may be trivial and that is still okay. At least it gives the opportunity to vent and also see what others have written. If a merchant feels they have been falsely represented they can reply. Not sure how Pissed consumer is reimbursed. As with all sites, it can be misused but hopefully more good is... Read more

I acually never knew about Pissed Consumer. I ran into it while researching the internet after my terrible encounter with a so called business. Even though my issue is not fixed and for me its not an easy fix. I do feel better knowing that in just a few short days almost 300 people will not have to endure what I did because of seeing my review. They can see the severe damage I am faced to endure, mentioned in my complaint with so many... Read more

I must say that I was impressed with GE Capital's quick response to me, as they reached out to me shortly after my initial post and offered to refund my late fee. It appears the issue was due to a billing cycle timing situation where my new account was opened at the exact time that the billing cycle started/ended and explains why the short-cycled invoice was sent. I'd like to thank GE Capital for resolving this matter in a timely manner, as well... Read more

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I agree wit the posted review: #905158 by usaratheoriginal It appears to me that Pissed Consumer actually "accomplishes nothing more than a vehicle to vent frustration". To further bolster "usaratheoriginal", why would they solicit me via email asking for further follow up complaint(s)? I stated my complaint adequately in the first place. I should have been skeptical when more and more questions were asked of me during the posting procedure.... Read more

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Hi, Thank you for contacting Pissed Consumer. According to our Terms and Conditions a post may be removed from our website either by order of a court or by a poster. If you would like to remove your post, please mail or email us with a proper notarized letter. Notarized letter must include the following: 1) A statement that you are the user who posted the information that you now seek to remove; 2) A statement that the information previously... Read more

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Why do negative posts that are continously challenged as being false post to tye site almost immediately yet when you try to get the truth out about how great a company really is the review is never posted? Seems to me that pissed consumer is a glorified drama queen, and more than likely extorting good companies to get good reviews.

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Hi Pissed Consumer I am begging you to look at the reviews left about my business Your site has ranked #2 on Google when searching "Richards Guitars" for the past 3 years. The first post along with several others are totally false, I wrote one review myself to prove the reviews were baseless and unverified by your company. I have over 1000 5 star reviews, fully verified by a third party company. I work 24/7 providing... Read more

Was this review helpful? 0 0 has no screening process therefore any person can post a bad review against any company. Due to the policies of, various cyber attackers use this feature to their advantage by defaming and extorting victims who are either businesses or individuals employed by businesses. In this manner, is causing harm to social reputation of many honest, hard working people. One such specific person is... Read more

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Pissed Consumer is nothing but an online bully. I contacted them to remove a previous complaint that has been resolved but they refuse to remove it stating they require a notarized document. Yet they did not require anything to post the complaint nor did they even verify there was an issue they just posted the complaint. this type of company is nothing but an online bully who does absolutely zero investigation into what they post. Obviously... Read more

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So you guys let whatever be posted about other companies but only publish select "testimonials" for yours? Pathetic. This website is a scam and I genuinely hope that someone finds a loophole in all of your legal practices so you can be shut down. Read more

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The fact that this website allows pictures of individuals to be posted is ridiculous. I understand someone being upset, but that's far too personal for this website to be about business and business only. Why protect only half of the parties involved. Great, we can post anonymously but the complaints allow personal photos. That's offensive. I must admit that their legal page is well-equipped, however, it seems to be due to the fact that... Read more

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Hi Christopher, We apologize for any inconvenience you experienced. Please find instructions on how to mark issue as resolved in our FAQ (point 15): Read more

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I have received your E-mail about not hearing from me for awhile. I just want to say that I'm not an angry person. If I am not angry I have nothing to say. I did share what I was angry about Jetblue discrimination against me being bipolar. I can only complain once. I was expecting some kind of help in order to resolve this problem. Again I am not angry nor do I have a list of companies to complain about. Just Jetblue. I stated my case... Read more

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